Eligibility Questionnaire

What are intrusive memories?

Online consent for screening

I have read the information (Participant Information Sheet Version 5.0 18/10/2021) for this study. I agree to complete a brief questionnaire to assess if I am eligible to take part in the study. I understand that I can stop completing the questionnaire at any time by closing the browser. I understand that if I am eligible, I will be asked to provide my contact details so a researcher can contact me about the study, but this does not commit me to taking part in the study.

For example, as a nurse, doctor, paramedic, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, healthcare assistant or clinical support
Examples might include a traumatic or tragic death of a patient, a severe or unsuccessful resuscitation, an event involving sudden increased risk of infection, or threats or violence against healthcare staff.
Intrusive memories are mental images (e.g. pictures) from a traumatic event that pop suddenly into your mind when you don’t want them to. Before you answer this question, please click the link below and watch the video to find out more about what we mean by “intrusive memories”.