A brief gameplay intervention for NHS ICU staff affected by COVID-19 trauma

We are running a research study to support staff who have experienced stressful or traumatic events from working in an ICU (including as a redeployed staff member) during the covid19 pandemic.

We want to find out if a brief online intervention can reduce how frequently memories of these events (what we call intrusive memories) pop into your mind.

What are intrusive memories?

What will the study involve?

You can complete the entire study remotely on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It will involve at least two video calls with a researcher over a 14 week period but no in-person meetings.

During the study, you will:

  • have access to the online intervention for a few weeks
  • be asked to keep count of your intrusive memories
  • be asked to fill in online questionnaires about your health and work functioning.

You will not be asked to talk about the events you have experienced in any detail.

Read more about the study here

How will this help?

Using the intervention may help to reduce the number of intrusive memories that pop into
your mind, so that you can:

  • feel better
  • free up time
  • get more sleep
  • focus more at work
  • think ahead positively

By taking part, you will be helping us to develop a much-needed self-management technique to support healthcare staff during the pandemic and beyond.